Terah Kuykendall was born in El Paso, Texas in 1979, to parents Larry and Elaine Kuykendall. After the birth of a younger sister, Sarah, the family moved back to the Kuykendall family farm in Dexter, New Mexico. This was a blessing for the two sisters, as they could be immersed in the musical heritage the Kuykendalls so richly possessed. Larry’s mother, August Elaine Kuykendall, was a symphony violinist who taught violin and piano lessons to the local youth. Larry’s siblings also exhibited deep musical talent and family gatherings were ripe with sound. It was during holiday events that Terah first discovered her love of arranging music and programs for the delight of the family. Terah primarily grew up singing with her sister and father, and the three developed an a cappella style that became popular at local events.

In junior high, Terah joined the youth group at Midway Assembly of God, and soon began playing the keyboards and leading praise and worship. While at Midway, Terah became close friends with three other girls: Michelle (White) Ryburn, Jill (Fulkerson) Jamison, and Mindy (Boerio) Hansen. All four were very musical and decided to form a vocal group. Calling themselves Anchor, the group soon began performing throughout New Mexico and participating in local competitions. In order to learn new material, the group would find a new song they liked and Terah would listen to the song and pick out which part each girl should sing. All by themselves, Anchor put together an amazingly sophisticated repertoire of both a cappella and instrumentally backed music. Throughout high school, the group received multiple national honors in fine arts competitions.

Terah’s visual art began being featured in high school. 1996 she earned the Dexter High School award for Art Student of the Year as well as an excellent rating at the National Fine Arts competition with the Assemblies of God.

In early 1999, Terah began working for the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Roswell and it was there she first met the man that would become her husband, Donny Montoya. In 2002, Terah moved to Albuquerque and partnered with local artists Danny Ray and Josh Melendez developing hip-hop background tracks, keyboard embellishments, and vocal arrangements. Working within the hip-hop genre provided new challenges for Terah and furthered the growth of her versatility as a musician.

In November 2005, Terah transferred from Albuquerque to take a position as sales analyst over HEB Supermarkets, based in San Antonio, Texas. In time, she took further promotions into key account management, culminating in a 2010 promotion to manage nine supermarket chains across South and West Texas. Terah left Coca-Cola in 2011 and has since been focusing on personal passions such as her music, art, chronic migraine disease awareness, and Asperger Syndrome awareness.

Terah’s mother, Elaine, passed away in March of 1991, after a long battle with breast cancer. Larry was remarried in December of 1993, to Rae Ann Greeson, and welcomed two stepsons into the family, James and John. Rae Ann has been an amazing source of encouragement and support to Larry, whose current project is a large-scale musical on the life of Christ, entitled Plan of the Ages. Terah thoroughly enjoys working with her father on the musical, participating by singing and vocal arranging as well as narrating they lead role of Mary.

Terah’s grandmother, August Elaine Kuykendall, passed away in May of 2008. Terah is so proud to have had Mama Lane as a grandmother. Without her musical talents, none of the family would have had their own musical talents. She was truly the matriarch of the Kuykendall family, and Terah hopes to continue Mama Lane's tradition of a high standard of excellence in everything she undertakes.

Beginning in 2012, Terah really began to follow her passion for visual and graphic art. She has created numerous works for family and friends as well as a few for sale. Her favorite mediums include spray paint, fabric paint, marker, acrylic and random objects, primarily all on canvas. Terah’s artwork has been featured in several exhibitions and galleries in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

Terah and Donny, an aspiring screenwriter, are both looking forward to the challenges and epiphanies that will come with following their dreams.